Are you wondering what some of the best supplier monitoring tools on the market today are?

You’re in the right place.

You see, enterprises work with numerous vendors and various other third parties on a daily basis. It can become extremely overwhelming for team members if there are no dedicated channels to communicate, manage, and monitor said suppliers.

This is where supplier monitoring tools come into play.

By having the right infrastructure in place, procurement teams can do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Before discussing which tools are worth investing in, let’s start by looking at what supplier monitoring tools are.

What Are Supplier Monitoring Tools?

Supplier monitoring tools are fundamental technologies that allow procurement teams to interact with and gauge the performance of vendors. They enable CPOs to evaluate suppliers so only reliable vendors are contracted for a long-term relationship.

Timely deliveries, quality, and favorable prices are foundational for a good working relationship. It is for this reason that suppliers must be evaluated regularly. An incompetent supplier can cause a breakdown in the entire supply chain which can lead to costly losses.

Through evaluation using supplier monitoring tools, enterprises can glean invaluable information about the suppliers they are doing business with.

Now, what are some of the best supplier management software to consider?

Supplier Management Tool #1 RFP-RFI-RFQ Software

When engaging suppliers, it is imperative to do so in an organized fashion hence the need for suitably qualified RFP, RFI, and RFQ software.

What does have such software does in terms of vendor management?

RFP, RFI, and RFQ software enable procurement teams to quickly qualify new leads as well as establish a strong pool of candidates. That’s not all.

ProcurePort software in particular will also provide a questions repository that makes customizing RFI proposals easy; a side-by-side comparison of supplier quotations to facilitate faster decision-making; while permitting you to run live bid analysis so you can choose suitable vendors. There is also a vendor acceptance sign-off for terms and conditions.

Enjoy automated e-sourcing processes, secure communication channels hosted in Tier IV data centers and bidding, and most importantly save time when sourcing vendors.

With fully integrated RFP, RFI and RFQ software, supplier management is greatly improved. See efficiency and the entire RFI and RFQ process improve by up to 90%.

Supplier Management Tool #2 Reverse Auction Software

Today, procurement teams rely heavily on reverse auction systems to collect supplier information and bids. With the right sort of technology, you can save up to 40% on addressable spending.

ProcurePort’s unique reverse auction software does just this.

This software is designed to help enterprises regardless of size. Secure and scalable – boasting the highest levels of security (hosted in a Tier IV facility) and being SSAE 16 Type II compliant.

Having software that has a short learning curve is also key hence the easy-to-use nature of ProcurePort’s reverse auction software. A streamlined user interface, intuitive workflow with reusable templates coupled with training and support make this a supplier management tool worthy of consideration.

You will be in total control and even with the most complex of bid negotiations as you have clear oversight of what’s going on. Whether you’re considering large bidding events with multiple rounds or simple biddings, having a state-of-the-art reverse auction system is not a thing to be overlooked.

Supplier Management Tool #3 Contract Management Software

What happens after collecting information via RFI, RFP, and RFQ software and selecting vendors through reverse auction software? The next step of the procure-to-pay process now begins – i.e. contract management.

One sure-fire way of handling contracts efficiently is to use contract management software such as ProcurePort’s cloud-hosted version.

By digitalizing your contract management efforts procurement teams have a faster way of creating, executing, managing, and analyzing their various vendor contracts. Track each contract from negotiations through to expiration easily.

The contract life cycle can be laborious with numerous moving parts that need to be constantly monitored – for example, insurance certificates and certifications whose expiration dates must be remembered so they can be renewed ahead of time.

ProcurePort’s contract management solution is one that equips you with tracking and alert systems while also giving you 24/7 access and digital signing capabilities so you can work with contractors from anywhere on the planet at any time. 


Supplier monitoring tools give you visibility into the workings of the vendors you have contracted. In addition, they facilitate supplier evaluation.

If you’re seeking ways to ameliorate supplier relationships strategically, investing in next-generation supplier management software is a must.

ProcurePort prides itself as one of the leading providers of the best supplier management software on the market and is trusted by enterprises and organizations such as UNOPS, HUD.GOV, and conEdison.

If you would like to discuss supplier management software with a consultant, or to schedule a demo, contact us today.