Think about your supplier management software: what happens when you have a query about a potential or current supplier? Do you pick up the phone and attempt to reach your dedicated account manager at the supplier? What if they aren’t available?

In some cases you’re waiting forever for the return call. Sometimes your message is lost on their desk and you need to chase them. This is frustrating and a waste of your valuable time. Not to mention there’s limited evidence you actually placed that call.

Sometimes, when you know you can’t reach someone by phone you just send an email. But how do you tell if the person has received the email? Spam filters can be helpful at reducing your workload by removing unnecessary messages, but they can also remove your messages from your account manager’s inbox. Wondering whether your email has been read can be more than annoying.

What you really need is secure messaging within your supplier management software that doesn’t have the faults of email and phone calls. That is why ProcurePort is proud to introduce our supplier messaging and online chat features in our software.

Our Supplier Management Software: Messaging Functions

During live reverse auctions it can be helpful to talk to those submitting bids immediately. That’s why we offer a messaging facility within auction to contact suppliers directly and ask them questions.

Messaging potential suppliers instantly and getting those responses quickly is beneficial for both vendors and buyers. It ensures that all terms in a bid are clarified and no-one has the wrong expectations. This is one of the main reasons why supply contracts fail in business: the buyer has different expectations than what the supplier has set forth.

In addition, this process is designed to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for a reverse auction to happen. This can be really beneficial for your business’ profit margins. No longer do you have to wait months for the contracts to be signed, a reverse auction can allow you to find a new supplier in weeks and not months.

The messaging system allows you to vet the personality of the company you’ll be dealing with. This works for both vendor and buyer. If either of you think there is a conflict of cultures, then you can pull out of the deal without repercussions.

Messaging is also a great way to pull information from suppliers or buyers. With the easy document uploading functionality, additional documents can be submitted without the need for a new bid. Therefore, if the seller has a question about the specifications of the equipment, the messaging system can be used to request and collect that information.

If a document has been uploaded once, it’s quick to send it to other parties – saving more time for both buyers and suppliers.

Messages can also be sent when a contract goes live. This is helpful because it keeps the record of the conversation in one place and is not scattered throughout an inbox.

Introducing Online Chat

In addition to the messaging system, there’s the online chat. This is the instant messaging system that can speed up communications. It is a useful feature for those who are looking to ask quick questions about proposals that shouldn’t need additional documents.

Chat is a great way to discuss terms in a contract and to get to know your potential suppliers. Plus, you can ask those questions which might seem obvious to suppliers, but they’ve forgotten to mention and you need to know as a buyer and want it in writing.


When you’re in a live reverse auction, you want to communicate with those who are participating. That’s why messaging and online chat, provided by ProcurePort, are so useful. Our integrated software makes it easy to communicate to vendors before, during and after the procurement process so your supply needs are met without hassle.

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