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• The coronavirus pandemic is nearly over. Global supply chains are gradually getting back to their former efficiency and economies are beginning to pick up.

• All of this is of course welcome news for a lot of supply chain leaders for whom the past two years have been nothing short of a nightmare. With things starting to improve, there’s plenty to motivate them.

• In this post, however, we focus our attention on some of the prominent things that are currently inspiring supply chain leaders.

In-Person Supply Chain Conferences

When it comes to re-invigorating supply chain leaders in this post-COVID era, nothing supersedes in-person conferences.

These events serve as great opportunities for industry leaders to come together, discuss troubling issues, and hear what solutions thought leaders are proposing to tackle and address industry-related problems.

And now, with the world opening up again, supply chain conferences are back in full swing. Here’s a look at some of this year’s major events.

· GS1 Connect, June 7-9, San Diego, CA, USA

· Connections 2022, June 27-29, San Diego CA, USA

· In.sight User Conference 2022, August 14-17, Orlando, FL, USA

· The Logistics World Summit & Expo, August 17-18, Mexico City, Mexico

· Home Delivery World 2022, August 31-September 1, Philadelphia, PA, USA

· Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals EDGE 2022, September 18-21, Nashville, TN, USA

·  The Logistics & Supply Chain Forum, September 25-27, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

· 6th Annual European Supply Chain Management Strategies Summit, November 7-9, Berlin, Germany

Digital Supply Chain Communities

One of the positive effects of COVID-19 for supply chain leaders was the emergence of industry-specific digital resources that surfaced during the lockdown.

Online communities sprang up all over, digital supply chain experts availed their knowledge, and forums mushroomed where supply chain professionals could connect and discuss real challenges and come up with game-changing solutions that helped them sail through the pandemic.

With many of these platforms open to supply chain professionals from all corners of the globe, they proved to be rich and invaluable networks. And many still continue to provide inspiration for supply chain leaders to this day.

Re-Opening of Countries

As country after the country issued its own set of lockdowns and restrictions during the pandemic, it undoubtedly disrupted operations across continents. Supply chain risk was greater than ever before.

The pressure experienced during this time on global supply chains was unprecedented. Fortunately, however, with countries now reaching nearly acceptable levels of vaccination status, this has enabled some travel bans and restrictions to be lifted.

The United States for example reopened both its land and air borders after a 20-month restriction in November 2021. 

Over in Europe, the European Union has made provisions that allow for some travel restrictions to be lifted and the movement of goods to exist, however, not quite to pre-pandemic levels. While things aren’t as they were before, supply chain leaders have more hope.

Books by Leading Industry Authorities

Supply chain management books authored by industry experts with years of strategic experience under their belts have always been great places to derive inspiration from.

Of note, are the following books that come as highly recommended reading in 2022:

Advanced Strategies in Supply Chain: Competing in the New Normal by Murillo Xavier

This book takes a look at the disruptions that took place and details how to stay competitive in light of the ‘new normal’, while also exploring new trends within the industry. The chapters are accompanied by suitable case studies, examples of best practices, and advanced strategies for supply chain executives.

Digital Supply Chains: A Practitioner’s Guide to Successful Digitalization

Co-authored by Daniel Seitz, Matthias Dicke, Kai-Uwe Gundermann, and Thomas Mrozek, this 240-page manual furnishes supply chain professionals with invaluable insights regarding digital transformation, and application of digital technologies to supply chains, and gives forecasts of the future of emerging technologies and their role in supply chain management.

ERP Systems for Manufacturing Supply Chains: Applications, Configuration, and Performance

Written by Odd Joran Sagegg and Erlend Alfnes, seasoned supply chain leaders, this book dives into the role ERPs have in supporting supply chain operations in small, medium, and large organizations. From ERP setup types to ERP software that can simplify your efforts, this book sheds light on the grave importance of having the right software to streamline internal systems and processes. 

Futureproof Supply Chain: Planning for Disruption Risks and Opportunities in the Lifeline of the Global Economy

Because of their dynamic nature, supply chains are never static. They are always evolving and disruptions are a constant threat because of the volatile nature of the chains themselves.  In this 180-page book, industry advisor and financial market forecaster, Jason Schenker takes companies through steps that can help them future-proof their current supply chains. Readers learn about the major supply chain risks and how to identify, predict, and manage said risks.

Wrap Up

Removal of travel restrictions, reopening of countries, digital conferences, all of these things continue to inspire supply chain leaders in a post-coronavirus era.

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