Whether you are a government contractor, large corporation, or small enterprise, you can save money using reverse auction software. Often, a successful reverse auction begins with RFPs from selected providers.

Using RFP software that integrates with your reverse auction software can save time and simplify the procurement process. Making RFPs part of a well-designed sourcing strategy can help you save money while ensuring you are also getting the best products or services with the features you want and need, including value-added elements.

RFP Software Simplifies Your Reverse Auction by Eliminating Vendors

When a reverse auction begins with an RFP from a handful of companies, it allows the buyer to ensure that every supplier involved in the reverse auction understands what you need and can deliver. You can use manual or automatic scoring to rate suppliers. When it comes time to participate in the reverse auction, you’ll have fewer bids to review and can feel comfortable selecting the lowest bidder since suppliers have already been qualified. You’ll know you’ve chosen a high-quality vendor, reducing the chance of supplier errors to save time and money.

RFP Software Helps You Look Beyond Price

Using RFP software in the information-gathering stage of a reverse auction can help you ensure you’re getting the greatest value from your purchase by making it easy to compare factors beyond price. “Other variables that buyers need to consider include quality, reliability and value-added services,” says Mohanbir Sawhney in an article for CIO. “To account for these variables, buyers should move away from price-only auctions to multi-attribute auctions that allow suppliers and buyers to trade off nonprice variables against price.”

RFP software that integrates with your reverse auction software allows you to account for these variables early in the buying process to eliminate companies that don’t meet your standards.

RFP Software Standardizes Your RFPs

Suppliers often have different ideas of what an RFP should include or how it should look. RFP software streamlines the RFP creation process, so you can compare companies easily. When it comes time to hold your reverse auction, you can choose from the best-of-the-best suppliers and feel confident choosing the lowest bidder.

RFP software also reduces the switching costs of choosing a new vendor. “The lower the switching costs, the more a buyer can benefit from conducting a reverse auction,” says David C. Wyld, Professor of Management for Southeastern Louisiana University in an executive briefing from the Reverse Auction Research Center.

Save Time, Save Money

Reverse auction software helps you get the best price on commodities and services. Adding RFPs into the process can help ensure you are also getting the best value and quality.

Lower-quality goods or services can ultimately hurt your bottom line, while shipping errors can cause delays – again, costing your company money. RFP software helps drive cost savings by ensuring you are getting the best price and the best quality from your vendors.