Purchase orders and invoice software contain crucial information about your financial business activity. More clearly, invoices and purchase orders indicate whether transactions are sales or purchases.

While purchase orders and invoices share similar details, such as invoice number, vendor information, order details, price, and general information of a transaction, invoices and purchase orders are intrinsically different.

Purchase order (PO) is issued by the buyer to the seller, outlining the client’s expectations in terms of what they need to buy and its exact quantities. The purchase order captures the client’s expectations of the products or services needed, their quality, and quantities, and any other relevant information about the intended purchases.

An invoice, on the other hand, is issued by the seller to the buyer after all the terms of a purchase order have been settled. The invoice is a formal request for the clearance of amounts due by the seller.

The understanding of the nuance and differences of these two documents helps your business to remain organized and compliant when it comes to your business financial endeavors. Understanding invoices and purchase orders allow you to maintain a healthy cash flow, to ensure you are in a good place to handle any fiscal emergencies.

Purchase Order Software

If you’re running a business that requires purchasing products or services regularly, then you need a reliable solution to track all your orders. Without a doubt, you’re in desperate need of a purchase order software also known as a purchasing order system. A purchase order system or simply a PO software aims to liberate you from time-consuming ordering and tracking tasks and improves your supply chain. This software allows you to achieve purchase requisition best practices, anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of a Purchase Order Software

If your business deals with inventory and stock management, then you know how vital productivity is. The purchase ordering process requires a lot of time and effort, not to mention the large amount of paperwork it involves. With evolving technologies and newly found automation that streamline work processes — a large amount of paperwork means that your business is lagging behind innovative competitors. The purchasing order software is here to simplify all your purchase ordering processes. The five main benefits this automated software provide include:

1. Real-Time Monitoring

With a purchase order system, you can look into progress in real-time. This particular feature helps streamline purchasing and tracking processes and keeps track of alerts and purchasing whenever there are any updates.

2. Find Best Suppliers

A proper purchase order software can help you keep track of the best suppliers. A purchase order software is a brilliant way to maintain a more transparent and better relationship with your vendors and suppliers – this is crucial for business success and supply chain sustainability. With purchase order software, you can access detailed reports on all your procurement and purchase processes, including information on whom you order the most products from. That access allows you to achieve business clarity and control.  

3. Purchase Order Management

From the creation of purchase orders to tracking purchase requisition, the PO software has an automated form, thus saving time for employees as they do not have to search for online purchase forms. This software simplifies the procurement process as it keeps crucial people in the loop. The manager has the endless capability to keep every purchase on the check.

4. Data Security

Security is of strategic interest to businesses and vendors relying increasingly on online payment systems. The purchase order software is a cloud-based procurement platform, therefore, you don’t have to worry about cyber threats and data security. All you have to know about data security and privacy is not your concern. It doesn’t matter how classified and sensitive your data is. Your trusted vendor can always provide time-to-value security solutions against classified business data.

Invoice Software

Closely related to the purchase order software is the invoice software that does everything related to invoicing. The invoice software is a top-of-the-range application that saves time and makes your business look accountable and professional. With invoice software, your business can handle everything related to invoicing while maintaining a classic touch of quality and timeliness.

So, what unique benefits does invoice software provide?

Creates Invoice Rapidly

Every invoice settled means money coming into your small business. This software allows you to create and send professional invoices to your customers and clients in seconds.

Recurres Billing for Repeat Customers

This software allows you to get paid in time, every time. It allows you to set up automatic credit and recurring invoices for your repeat customers and stop chasing customers for already delivered products and services. You can always switch from manual billing to automating invoicing with this customer-deployed, intuitive invoicing solution.

Streamlines Your Bookkeeping

All your payment and invoicing information syncs automatically with the cloud provided in your account. With ProcurePort, for example, you can access a cloud solution that automatically allows you to sync all your business data, including invoices, in real-time.

ProcurePort – Purchase Order and Invoice Software Partner

So, with these use cases and comparative advantages of the two software, you can see exactly how your business can benefit from procurement and invoicing automation. Luckily, there are now trusted vendors with integrated solutions in purchase and invoice software. ProcurePort is a cloud-based procurement platform that now integrates solutions in invoicing. ProcurePort’s intuitive platform makes complex procurement and invoicing processes a breeze. Contact procurement to know exactly how you can edge your procurement and invoicing processes.