ProcurePort announces the launch of SpendPilot ™, a fully automated Spend Analysis Software that allows large organizations to cleanse, categorize, and run analytics on their organizational spend.

Accurate and comprehensive spend data is crucial in improving spend management. As procurement shifts to a new digital age, teams need to ensure their processes are transitioning smoothly and effectively. Having the proper spend management software is a big advantage in not only keeping track of spend data, but also in providing support when making adjustments based on the data. 

As such, ProcurePort, a leader in providing cloud-hosted procurement software, has been assisting large organizations as well as Private Equity companies with analyzing spend data for over a decade. Their deep experience with the overall spend analysis operation has enabled them to automate and enhance the end-to-end spend data analysis process. Spend analysis services from ProcurePort assist worldwide leading organizations to identify and realize multimillion-dollar savings opportunities previously unknown to them. 

The ProcurePort Spend Analysis Software – Spend Pilot ™ allows organizations to upload raw spend data into the software for further cleansing and classification. Organizations can either manually upload their data using a digital file or integrate the software directly into their ERP for real-time data feeds. Data analysts can take all raw data and perform the necessary cleansing, supplier normalization, and spend classification process to ensure a high degree of accuracy. An integrated Business Intelligence tool allows organization stakeholders to view all company spend data in a single analytics dashboard, allowing them to make strategic decisions. 

As ProcurePort continues to grow, expanding the technology provided to partners is a top priority. ProcurePort looks forward to the implementation of SpendPilot ™ and the aid it will provide organizations in refining their spend management practices. Learn how ProcurePort’s Analysis Services and Spend analysis tools can help your business with your Spend Management. Connect with us today to get an estimate on your spend analysis/Spend Visibility project.


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