Procurement and sourcing teams are some of the busiest departments of any organization. All year round they are working round the clock to ensure that goods & services for the business are procured in a timely manner from reliable suppliers to keep operations running smoothly.

Procurement teams cannot slacken or let their guard down otherwise it can mess up the entire chain of operations. Seeing the need for effective tools to help ease the work done by these teams, ProcurePort developed revolutionary procurement software.

As technology continued to advance it was only a matter of time before an array of procurement resources would surface to ease the procurement process. Needless to say, procurement software that helps sourcing and procurement teams scale operations, improve efficiency, and obtain information from more suppliers in an orderly fashion has been welcome.

Perhaps you’re still on the fence about implementing procurement automation because you didn’t know how to go about implementing the software. You’re in luck; we’re going to explain in detail how easy it is to integrate procurement software into your current operations.

1. Schedule Procurement Software Onboarding With Teams

ProcurePort procurement software takes pride of place as one of the leading procurement resources on the market today. It gives sourcing teams the chance to automate the entire procurement life cycle, mitigating risks, improving supplier, and contract management. In addition, the software is easy-to-use so it’s not difficult to see why it has been such a welcome resource in the industry.

ProcurePort offers procurement teams the chance to test the software before making an investment. By requesting a demo, teams can have an understanding of how the software operates and how procure to pay automation can boost their day-to-day operations.

Once you have purchased a license for the cloud hosted ProcurePort suite of solutions, you should schedule an onboarding session with your entire procurement team so that everyone on your procurement and sourcing teams knows how to properly use the system. This is the first step in implementing procurement software.

2. Introduce Qualified Suppliers To Your New Modus Operandi

Once you’ve identified the suppliers you’d like to work with, introduce them to ProcurePort and let them know that this is how you’ll be issuing RFP, RFI, RFQ requests to them. Explain how ProcurePort RFX templates give them an advantage because the software automates processes and makes sending information from their end easier.

Alert suppliers that you’ll also be engaging them to sign contracts digitally via ProcurePort’s contract management system. This system is preferable because two parties don’t have to meet in person to agree on terms and conditions, signing can be done digitally and remotely in a secured manner. What’s more, contracts aren’t lost as they are kept in centralized cloud storage and lastly it’s a great way to help the environment by going paperless.

3. Review Feedback From Your Procurement Teams & Suppliers

You cannot improve what you don’t measure. While this procurement software has been tested to show its efficiency, it is crucial that individual procurement teams take time to review their experience. Are you reaching out to more qualified suppliers and getting the right information from them? What struggles are suppliers having with the software and how can you help them move forward? Are the sourcing teams and procurement teams now comfortable with the software?

It’s not unusual for teams to require more training and time to effectively integrate the software into their operations. That’s why ProcurePort teams are always on hand to shed more light and help clients’ by answering questions, giving advice, and going through the demo again with them. It is worth noting that technology will continue to be a part of the future of procurement and when it comes to ease-of-use, ProcurePort software is among the best.

Get Started With ProcurePort Procurement Software

Are you ready for a new way of doing business? Do you need to streamline your procurement life cycle and automate your sourcing? ProcurePort provides procurement and sourcing teams with a revolutionary solution in our suite of procurement software. From RFP, RFI, RFQ software to contract management software, you can request demos to see how our innovative systems can improve your procurement life cycle. Contact our sales teams today.