eProcurement software has transformed the way procurement departments do business, and how they are perceived across an organization. We talk a lot about how procurement is now strategic rather than administrative and transactional – but this means that the demands of procurement professionals and their skill sets are very different.

Do you have the digital know-how to make it big in the future of procurement?

The digitalization of the procurement function is only part of the picture. An eProcurement suite does not equate to a ‘digital procurement team’ – it’s no use if only the processes are tech savvy – the personnel need the skills and knowledge base to match.

It isn’t any use leaving the integration and management of software to the IT department – procurement professionals need to move with the times and departments should be investing as much in upskilling their workforce as they are in upgrading their processes.

eProcurement software is only part of the picture

The procurement profession, more than ever, has the opportunity to add value to their organizations, but without a concentrated effort to advance technological abilities within procurement personnel, the true digital revolution of the procurement function cannot take place, no matter how sophisticated your eProcurement software.

The world is dominated by technology, and procurement is no exception, with departments getting to grips with AI, big data and blockchain. Supply chain professionals are in an influential position, with access to huge amounts of valuable data that can provide extensive and powerful insights into the markets their corporations are operating in – but in order to utilize that data, they need to be able to capture it and understand it.

Procurement teams have the ability now to furnish their organizations with real-time, analyzable data about their supply base and supply chains. More data will strengthen procurement’s position as strategic players and business influencers.

Connectivity equals value

The demand for procurement talent with the technical savvy to drive and access this level of connectivity is high, leading to what is referred to as a skills gap. This skills shortage means that employers are all competing for top talent, with many reporting that they just can’t seem to attract the right skill set into their organization.

Even very lengthy on-the-job experience cannot compensate for not keeping up with the rapidly changing digital landscape. The most experienced procurement professionals must keep up with their younger counterparts in terms of digital skills and knowledge.

The solution? Grow your own digital-savvy procurement talent

To remain current, all members of the procurement team and all employers must be committed to ensuring knowledge gaps are closed as quickly as possible, and since technological advancements aren’t slowing down any time soon, this commitment needs to be a fluid and constant commitment to continuous workplace learning.

There is a necessity for procurement to build a workforce rich in digital know-how. This means that it not only needs to achieve budget approval for investing in digital solutions, but that in order to stay up-to-date with technical advancements investment in training is essential as well.

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