As you read this on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPhone, PC, Macbook (you get the picture) it’s clear that technology plays an ever-increasing role in our everyday lives. It is something we expect to have access to whenever and wherever we are. Tendering is now catching up.

The vast majority of organizations across all industries have embraced technological advancements as progress, and now expect the same level of connectivity when running their business processes.

The procurement profession is no different. A growing number of businesses are adopting at least some level of e-Procurement into their operations whether it is e-billing, contract management or one of the many other functions which are now automated.

Tendering is a key procurement process that can be streamlined through e-Tendering software.

Software can have a transformative impact on your organization’s tendering procedures and workflow. The challenges of working with a bid team and suppliers who are based in different geographical locations and/or time zones are easily overcome when all stakeholders have instant access to all elements of the tendering process, whether in the office, at home or in the field.

Tender management software can make the world a much smaller place at the touch of a screen.

Advantages for you and your bid partners

E-Tendering creates a framework where both you and your tenderers can benefit from cost-savings, simplify the tendering process and drive efficiency and time-saving. Everyone benefits from transparency.

The benefits of the transparency and accessibility created by an e-Tendering and contract management solution is the ability to work with a supplier on a partnership level with a view to gaining shared benefits over time.

A long-term strategic partnership that benefits everyone

The transparency and efficiency of e-Tendering is valuable enough alone but even better when your e-Tendering process segues seamlessly into the contract management process. When an e-Tendering tool is integrated into contract management software, all elements of your supplier relationships are managed from invitation to tender to contract delivery and expiration in one place.

Both parties can be transparent with their costs and margins to ensure that they settle on a deal which benefits all parties. As these relationships tend to be a long-term plan rather than a one-off transaction, these costs and margins can be regularly monitored.

Another benefit of a collaborative relationship with suppliers is to exploit benefits outside of cost reductions. A business may find an opportunity to source multiple products or services from the same supplier, allowing for a more streamlined working relationship and a better understanding of the inner workings of each business. There are benefits for all parties, including the potential to meet sustainability and compliance targets.

Collaboration also leads to innovation. Suppliers and clients who work closely together are often able to find ways to innovate their products or services in order to give them a competitive edge in the market – a competitive edge that can be contagious and benefit the entire supply chain.

Long-term successes

If a business has a strong internal infrastructure and a desire to improve the way they operate, then providing all parties carry their weight and are focused on a common goal, then real-time collaboration amongst all stakeholders in the tendering and contract management process could be the key to success.

ProcurePort’s Contract Management Software and e-Tender Management Tool provides a secure web-based solution for the entire contract management process. The e-Tendering tool delivers a totally automated tendering process for both government and public bodies.

To find out more about how you can create, manage, distribute and evaluate tenders using our easy-to-use e-Tendering software, contact our team of e-Procurement experts.

Tendering software in a cloud hosted e-Procurement solution