There is an automation revolution going on which experts have referred to as The Fourth Revolution. Through digital networks, the world has become increasingly connected, dramatically improving organizational efficiency and the management of assets. This explosion in the use of Cloud technology has resulted in advancements in automated procurement solutions. However, can one automated procurement solution manage all of an organization’s procurement activity and improve control over spending?

The answer is yes, if the e-Sourcing solution can satisfy these requirements:

  • Easily integrates with existing software, including third-party ERP platforms and accounts payable systems
  • Incorporates existing data and business structures, such as historical spend data, inventory, and supplier contracts
  • Highly customizable to give you the information you need when you need it
  • Includes mobile P2P capabilities which reduce costs, increase collaboration with suppliers, and increase processing speed
  • Streamlines analysis of vendor capabilities and quotes, improves communication with vendors and enables data driven award decisions
  • Includes implementation services and support
  • Provides comprehensive data and analytics on an intuitive dashboard and in customizable reports

An Automated Procurement Solution to Meet Your Needs

ProcurePort has been a trail blazer as an international provider of e-Procurement solutions and services delivered via the cloud on demand. ProcurePort provides solutions for different procurement processes with software for:

  • Spend Analysis
  • Online Auctions including Reverse auctions, Forward Auctions, Dutch Auctions
  • Request For Quote (RFQ) Software, RFQ Management and RFP Software
  • Procure to Pay (P2P
  • Contract Management and Contract Compliance

Those who have selected ProcurePort’s automated procurement solution have enjoyed the benefits of;

  • Higher visibility; as all those in the supply chain can access, view, and process the data they need.
  • Elimination of manual steps that are time-consuming and cumbersome. If done manually, getting a purchase order approved can be a major bottleneck. The process of filling in forms, passing them around to those concerned for approval, scanning them and emailing them takes time. Automation puts stakeholders on the same page at the same time.
  • Reducing risks with suppliers and increasing savings which is not possible if you are trying to keep track of vendors manually. Automation software identifies non-preferred vendors according to set procurement protocol and compliance guidelines. This can be done by integrating a score-card system to provide real-time supplier performance.
  • Putting procurement documents and data in a central place rather than having them in different hands within an organization. A central repository gives those in charge control and eliminates duplication and overlapping of contracts which can cause trouble such as double orders to vendors.
  • It takes low-value purchases, such as office supplies, out of the hands of professionals who shouldn’t waste time on them. An e-catalog system enables an organization to make these purchases quickly and easily.

e-Sourcing solution: A Unified Automated Procurement

As technology has advanced, e-Procurement has gone beyond P2P and evolved into unified automated procurement solutions. Unified solutions are a cloud-based suite of applications that give complete visibility and total control over all the spend in an organization.

A unified automated procurement solution has a number of features and benefits. They are:

Simplified, intuitive processes With ProcurePort e-Sourcing solution, you don’t have to worry about data formatting. The software accepts data from multiple sources in any form. Input your data and it will be configured, aggregated to merge the different files, and cleansed to eliminate duplication. The software conducts vendor name normalization and categorization and then generates a spend cube which allows you to look at the analyzed data from a variety of angles.
Pre-integrated applications This eliminates struggles with low-quality, poorly integrated software. Our all-in-one procurement software is pre-integrated and made to work with the rest of the platform. You can subscribe to the applications you need and make additions as necessary.

ProcurePort e-Sourcing solution smoothly integrates with commonly used ERP software like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Lawson, Intacct, Oracle, NetSuite and others.

Single interface for many ERPs With ProcurePort, you get unlimited back end and account charts. There is a single interface across all the ERPs which provides unequaled visibility, compliance, and adoption.
Total mobility ProcurePort e-Procurement software has full functionality with all devices and operating systems including Android and iOS. Web and mobile users can access password-protected dashboards wherever they are.
Single administration ProcurePort puts you in total control with 25 user-specific controls and 23 organizational controls. You can initiate, track, and manage all of an organization’s spend in order to lower transaction costs.

You get custom drag and drop fields for any object across-the-platform, as well as an approval workflow engine for one-stop configuration.

Reviews on, and other user review websites have consistently put ProcurePort on top with high ratings. Our customers appreciate these features;

  • 24-hour technical and customer support
  • The ease of integration through ProcurePort’s web APIs
  • It is highly customizable
  • It is intuitive, easy to adapt and user-friendly, which reduces training time and costs

With these and other winning features, the ProcurePort unified automated procurement solution gives you the answers you need when you need them. You can see your actual spend, what you are spending on, and where you can aggregate purchases and consolidate suppliers. You’ll also be able to identify cost-saving opportunities and the sourcing categories you should prioritize.

Let us show you how we work. Get a demo or contact ProcurePort and let us know how we can help you. We’ll show you the best e-Sourcing solution for your organization’s needs.

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